A week-long residential retreat in Guanajuato, MX.

November 5-12, 2023

This year’s theme: Writing – and living – boldly

Hosted by Bonnie Wolkenstein, Ph.D.

Guanajuato Writing Retreat 2023, Overview

What does it mean to write boldly? To tell truths with our words, and our stories, without bravado or posturing, no longer hiding behind our characters or stylistic flourishes. It’s about coming out from behind our masks, peeling away comfortably worn untruths, and finding ways to live as only we can, to write what is only ours to write. It’s about changing how we live with the fears and stresses to which we’ve become accustomed.

Writing and living boldly is not a credo to justify recklessness, aggression, or a lack of care or commitment. It is about facing our fears and doubts, taking the right kind of risks, entering into whatever life is offering us, and showing up – on the page and to ourselves and others – truthfully, with lovingkindness and acceptance for our strengths and weakness, for our being forever on a path of growth, for being mere mortals who hope our written work will make a difference not just to ourselves, but to someone else.

Come with me to beautiful, bold Guanajuato, Mexico, for a full-week of replenishment, creative and personal exploration, and, what any writer craves: inspiration and time to write.

We’ll stay at The Florecer Casitas, where you won’t be able to resist the invitation to nourish your body and invigorate your senses with the vibrancy of this gorgeous colonial city. Leave feeling restored and inspired, in touch with the boldness you wish to carry with you into the next stage of your personal and creative voice.

This workshop is for writers seeking time, space and creative innovation for their own work, and the chance to create a supportive writing community in a home-away-from-home environment. Mornings will include activities to foster creativity and self-exploration (mindfulness meditation, creative prompts, and process group time for exploring our internal landscapes and encouraging ourselves to understand/explore sides of ourselves often unseen).

During the day, we will have plenty of time to write, as well as explore and be inspired by Guanajuato’s colorful sights, sounds and its mix of historic and present-day Mexico. Excursions and activities will correspond to that day’s themes for self-exploration and writing. In the evenings, we will deepen our connections through meals, conversation, and the opportunity to share or workshop our day’s writing. Our experiences will culminate in a public reading shared with local writers.

Guanajuato Writing Retreat 2023 Pricing:

  • $1995.00 USD per person, double occupancy
  • Limited to 8 participants


  • Rest, inspiration, perspective, clarity and community!
  • 7 nights at Florecer, double occupancy
  • Group airport transfer to and from Florecer
  • 4 dinners, including the first night, and one cooking class that will precede one dinner
  • 1st morning breakfast
  • Half-day tour of Guanajuato on Monday, Nov 6 (including lunch and a stop for groceries!)
  • Guided hike by a local Guanajuatense in the Sierra mountains to a unique and inspirational location
  • Day trip to La Cañada de la Virgin – all costs included: Transportation, entrance fee, private tour with Dr. Rossana Quiroz (one of the original archeologists of the site) and lunch/private workshop with Dr. Quiroz at her Museo Astronomía Prehispánica
  • Final night reading/open mic with local writers and poets – beverages and snacks
  • Snacks, tea and coffee on workshop days
  • Daily yoga and meditation option
  • Daily workshops with Bonnie
  • All workshop materials

Does NOT include:

  • Round trip airfare [Currently about $800 USD from SEA to Leon (BJX)]
  • Individual taxis to and from the airport if you don’t arrive with the group (about $30 USD for the 30-minute drive)
  • Most breakfasts and lunches: Each casita has a beautiful, well-appointed kitchen for fixing breakfasts and lunches on your own.
  • Three nights dinner on your own [FYI, a nice dinner with drinks at a local restaurant is about $15-30 USD]

Photography by Bonnie Wolkenstein, Ph.D. All rights reserved.